Nitro, Adlabs Imagica, India

Arguably, this could qualify as India’s best rollercoaster.  If you are in India, you just have to ride this coaster. It has all the characters of a good one – it is tall, long, thrilling and leaves you wanting to ride it again and again. People who love rollercoasters may even think of riding it all day long. For example even after riding it for 6 times in a row,  I wanted more of the rolls and loops.


  • Unique curved drop (132 feet /40mtrs)
  • 1 360°loop
  • 1 Dive loop
  • 1 Bank turn
  • 1 zero-gravity roll
  • 2 Cockscrews
  • Full turn
  • Brake run


Designed by Bolliger and Mabillard. This coaster has 5 inversions. It goes to a speed of maximum 105 kmph and is a floorless coaster. This opened in October,2013.

Claim to fame:

  • Bolliger & Mabillard’s first and only Indian coaster
  • India’s 2nd fastest rollercoaster (Fastest is Boomerang, Wonderla, Bangalore more on this later)
  • Tallest roller coaster in India

Rating as an Indian rider -☆☆☆☆

Rating as an Indian child -☆☆☆☆☆



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