Volare, Prater, Vienna, Austria

This unique flying roller-coaster is situated in Prater, Vienna. The park itself is of historical significance and is perhaps one of the earliest amusement parks in Europe. When I visited the park in May 2015 on a rainy evening, one visit was not enough because all the big rides were closed. I came back the following day – a sunny one – to experience the big attractions. Volare was the ride I was most excited about. After all, there are few places that allow such excitement for a person who is 130cms tall (I was 137cms).

About the ride:

The ride gets its name from the Italian verb to fly. This flying rollercoaster is 23 meters high and has a 420 meters long track. The website describes it best for Teenager, Adults, Courageous people. That’s true! Whether you are a child or an adult, you need to be very courageous to enjoy this one.

To get into the car seat, riders climb a ladder and stand in the car seat upright with hands outstretched above their head. Once the safety cage is closed, the car reclines. The car has 4 seats that hang from an upper rail at a 45 degree angle. The car is then lifted up into a flying position while holding the riders inside. This coaster comes with a unique spiral lift hill in which a tall spinning column with 2 vertical poles connected to it which push the cars up the spiral track.


As you lie on your stomach in a flying position, waiting for the flight, you spiral your way up to the top of the lift hill, enjoying two 360 degree views of the park. As we go higher, it gets scarier and scarier. The fun starts now!!

At the apex of the spiral lift hill you can see the entire ride ahead of you on the left. A drop followed by a 90 degree left banked turn, introduces us into one of the two barrel rolls. Another banked turn and a drop later, a right banked turn takes us into our second barrel roll. This is followed by two left banked turns and then two right banked turns that end into a long landing platform.

As I experienced flying at 50 kmph, I felt like a hawk.


  • Spiral lift hill
  • 2 drops
  • 2 inversions
  • 2 barrel rolls (not to be confused with heartline rolls)
  • 7 banked turns
  • Landing platform


Zamperla has six similar roller coasters. This one has been operational since 2004.

Claim to fame:

  • Volare is perhaps the only coaster with a spiral lift hill.
  • It is one of the few flying roller coasters in Austria
  • If you are less than 54 inches in height this is one of the very few flying coasters you can experience


As an Indian rider: ☆☆☆☆☆

As an Indian child:☆☆☆☆☆

Source: Information in this blog has been compiled by the rider’s experience, Wikipedia + Google research  and Prater official website.

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