Hoola Loop, EsselWorld, Gorai Mumbai, India

If you are at EsselWorld – India’s oldest, largest and most visited amusement park – looking for a looping ride, this is the only one. During my numerous visits to the park as a child, the combination of high-pitched rider screams, the amazing inversion and rider reviews made this a special ride I wanted to grow up for.

I remember looking longingly at Hoola Loop thinking of when I would be eligible to experience my first inversion. This ride was my reason to become 54 inches. Everybody said this ride was amazing.

As luck would have it, before I grew up to be 54 inches, I could experience several inversions at Prater, Vienna and Adlabs Imagica.

About the ride:

The most prominent feature of this ride is the loop. It looks like a real hoola loop, only that it stands vertically. At the highest point, it stands 36 feet / 11 meters tall, track runs for 365 meters and lasts up to 1 minute 20 seconds. There are two trains, each with 12 rider capacity (3 cars and a 2+2 seating). This makes it a fast moving queue.

Although The Hoola Loop came to India only in 2007, this ride is based on ZL42 – originally built in 1991. This is a slow ride, perhaps because of the old design. Although many others enjoy the ride, or find it scary because of the loop, I think this ride is rather short and has older thrill features (no corckscrews, bow ties or zero gravity).

The highlight remains the loop inversion.


The train cars climb a steep lift hill at a 45 degree angle to reach the ride’s maximum height. A U-turn towards the right results in a steep drop mirroring the 45 degrees lift hill. A downward left banked turn introduces us into the 360 loop as we exit into another lift. a left U turn takes us into a hurricane drop and a lift leads us to a right banked turn.

Based on my experience, I expected this ride to be smooth and amazing. Unfortunately, the experience fell short of my grand expectations. The ride jerked a lot and my head banged against the safety hold through the ride. Taller individuals do not seem to be as troubled as their head is above the safety hold.


  • 5 Lift hills
  • 2 U-turns
  • 45 degree steep drop
  • 3 banked turns
  • Hurricane drop
  • 360 degree loop
  • Landing


This ride was most likely* designed by Pinfari, Italy as it seems identical to the ZL42 Model installed at Barry’s Big Dipper at Barry’s Amusement Park, Portrush, Northern Ireland and Magic Loop at Aventura Luna Park (Guatire, Miranda, Venezuela).

Claim to Fame:

  • India’s first looping coaster


As an Indian rider: ☆☆☆

As an Indian child: ☆☆

*There is no official record of the designer or manufacturer of this ride online.
Source: The review is based on rider’s own experience, Internet research on Wikipedia + Google, official website of Esselworld and Pinfari.



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