Enchanted Airways, Universal Studios, Singapore

At the age of 6 years, this was my first visit to Universal Studios, Singapore. I was excited about riding BiiiiiG rides, but I wasn’t allowed in any of them except Enchanted Airways. This is one of the few coasters that allow kids 36 inches tall to have an amazing ride – most require you to be 42 to 54 inches tall. This was also my first experience of a banked turn.

Kids aged 6-7 years would find this ride amazingly awesome because it has thrilling turns and exciting drops. Although, most adults may not find it exciting enough because the ride is perhaps too short.

About the ride:

The ride is located in the ‘Far Far Away’ zone inspired by the world of Shrek. The ride goes through moments and characters from Shrek movies and the train is customized to look like Donkey’s beloved Dragon.


When I sat down and waited for the ride, I felt very excited. As the train went up to the top of the ride I enjoyed my life’s first banked turn. I screamed with delight at a banked turn. I rode the same ride again and again till the end of the day. When I rode it the second time, I enjoyed it the same as the first time – it can be repeated again and again.

The ride is a very smooth and fast one. It runs a short distance -approximately 350 meters and takes a height of 13 meters.This ride had no inversions, yet it is an excellent junior coaster to be enjoyed by a family. Before riding it, I didn’t think much about it. But now, I can assure you that it is a junior coaster with tons of fun.


The entrance to the Enchanted Airways is located on the main street of the Far Far Away land. The queue is located within a medieval-style tent which features a variety of Shrek theming and other Dragon related things of Far Far Away. The queue eventually leads to the load station where guests are sorted into their rows in front of air gates. Riders are seated in a dragon-themed train in pairs with a lap bar restraint. The train is taken up a friction wheel lift hill to a height of 13 meters (43 ft). At the top of this hill, riders can see across Universal Studios Singapore’s lagoon and towards the areas of the park. A small drop follows the lift hill that then leads into two downward helices. The train then dips diagonally under the lift hill before elevating and approaching the back end of the station and passing over top. The train then runs back parallel with the lift hill before entering two separate helices and entering the brake run. Throughout several times the train passes themed elements including Shrek’s Swamp, a forest and Medieval areas. The exit path leads riders back to the Far Far Away plaza.


  • 1 friction wheel lift hill
  • 3 drops
  • 1 hurricane drop
  • 1 right turn
  • 1 right banked turn
  • 1 left banked turn

Makers :

Made by Vekoma in March 2010.

Claim to fame :

  • It is one of the two coasters at Universal Studios, Singapore that allow 36 inches tall riders.
  • It uses a friction-wheel lift hill while most others use chain-lift hill

Rating :

As an Indian rider : ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

As an Indian child : ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆


* The information in this paragraph has been picked from Revolvy. Other references come from rider’s own experiences and information from Official Website of Enchanted Airways, Universal Studios, Singapore, Wikipedia and Google


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