Gold Rush Express, Imagica, Khopoli, India

As one scans the rides at Imagica, tucked away in a corner, at the far end lies a brown tall structure that is hard to miss. At first glance it looks like a wooden mine train, right at the foot of a dry, broken, rocky hill. As one approaches the coaster, you are surely transported back to the Gold Rush days of early 19th Century.

I was very excited to see such a tall coaster in the park. During my first trip to Imagica, I wasn’t allowed in half the coasters due to my height. I was allowed on only two – Gold Rush and Bandits of Robin Hood. The best of the two was Gold Rush.

About the ride:

Although it looks like a wooden coaster, this is a steel coaster. It has been operational at Imagica since April 2013. It is710 meters (2329.4 feet) long and 21 meters 70 feet tall). Riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows for a total of 26 riders per train (the first car is an engine that seats 2 only). Minimum height required to ride alone is 45 inches and 120 cms and 42 inches or 105 cms for children accompanied by adults. The theme of Wild Wild West is well depicted by themed elements in the waiting area, the train itself and through out the ride. As per the manufacturers’ description, “The track offers all the sensations of a continuous and exciting succession of long and fast curves, picks and valleys with changes of banking and swift alternations”. The ride is awesome and you would want to repeat it again and again if it wasn’t for the queue.


I fell in love with this coaster and desperately wanted to ride it the moment I saw it. But there was a long queue. Luckily, the waiting line shed has ample fans and water sprays that make the wait not-so-bad. The queue is really long, and may take you 30-40 minutes. However if you plan to ride it in the early entry hour, there is almost no line and repeat runs can be done easily.

gold-rush-coaster-rideThemed elements of Wild Wild West at Gold Rush Express, ImagicaThe theme of Wild Wild West is well detailed with elements like tall boulders, cacti, the look of the trains, the Red Wagon Inn, old Post office, a Sheriff’s room, a ‘Wanted’ photo booth, old-style wheel barrow, a tunnel, muddy water and an entry gate decorated with buffalo-head trophies. This makes it a believable, old-fashioned good experience. The ride is best enjoyed from the front car to get views of the drops and themes clearly.

Caution!! After the ride, either of these two things are sure to happen – a sore throat due to all the screaming OR deaf ears due to others’ screaming. 


As you sit in the train and pull the safety bar, the train starts its journey with a left turn that leads to a long lift hill of 21 meters making you wonder how big the drop would be. At the top,  a nice view of the park, the mountains and a right banked turn awaits you. A very steep drop and lift are followed by a scary hurricane drop that leads you into another drop landing at a tunnel. A quick lift is followed by another drop and lift. A left banked turn, then a right banked turn drop and another right banked turn lift later, the ride ends in a brake-run. A right turn takes you to the station.


  • 21 meters chain lift hill
  • 4 banked turn
  • 4 drops and lifts
  • two tunnels
  • 2 turns
  • 1 hurricane
  • 1 brake run


This model is called Mine Train manufactured by Zamperla

Claim to fame*:

  • India’s best themed coaster
  • Imagica’s 2nd best coaster
  • One of the two installations of Zamperla’s model Mine Train (the first one is at Ocean Park, Hong Kong, China. While the model is the same, the sequence is very different)


As an Indian rider : ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
As an Indian child : ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
The information in this blog is from rider’s own experiences and from RCDB, Google and Official Websites of Adlabs Imagica, Zamperla. In this blog, Claim to fame section is purely based on my view.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Niti says:

    It is such a descriptive piece ishan. Loved your attention to details and after reading your blog I certainly want to sit in the ride and it would be most fun to ride with you! Loved the caution that you offered.. Keep up with your writing n will look forward to your next piece.


    1. Dear Niti aunty, thanks for your comments. I too would love to ride coasters with you. The next piece I am working on is a coaster that would make you dizzy. Watch out for it and look forward to your comments on it.


  2. Abha Thombre says:

    Wonderful description!I can’t wait to go there to experience it first hand!!


    1. Abha atya, do call me when you are visiting Imagica. I would love to give you tips.


  3. Pallavi Datta says:

    This was super interesting & informative. But, one wonders, what other rollercoaster have you ridden to compare these with?


    1. hi Pallavi didi, I like your question. I have experienced rollercoasters at parks in Europe, India, Singapore. My views come from these, also I do a lot of research to keep on top of the latest, baddest and fastest coasters. That’s where my comparison comes from. If you have any ride suggestion, please share. I would love to ride and then write about it.


  4. Vikrant says:

    Fabulous description. Would love to take the ride, though as a person I feel quite scared of roller coasters – your description compels.


    1. Dear Vikrant uncle, don’t be afraid to try a scary looking coaster. Nothing will happen to you. If you are afraid of heights, here are two tips: either try closing your eyes or avoid looking down. When you are going to Imagica, I can join you for support 🙂 You wont regret riding any coaster.


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