Dizzy Mouse, Prater, Vienna, Austria

If you are at Prater looking for a ride that your child and you would enjoy together without paying a lot of money, this is one of the few. During my research, the combination of spinning cars and a rollercoaster made me excited about this ride before even visiting it. So much that whenever I saw a coaster at Prater, I would jump and ask excitedly, “Is that Dizzy Mouse?”  .
I must say, this ride is hard to find – I had to take two circles of the park to find it! It looks similar to a lot of rides, but if you look closely, you would find a maroon structure at the end of the park. It has to be The Dizzy Mouse. I always wanted to ride it from the time I knew about this coaster from my online research. The ride spins so much that it is very difficult to take a video.

About the ride :

This King of Turns probably has more turns than any coaster – 21 turns – enough to call

Dizzy Mouse – The King of Turns!

it “Dizzy”! The mouse themed car plunges into a Cat-shaped tunnel to give Dizzy Mouse it’s name. The ride is a rather long coaster at 1.30 mins long. It is 13 metres tall and 420 metres long . It’s speed is 30 mph (approximately 48 kmph ). This steel coaster’s layout is known as “Wild Mouse”. The thing that makes most people dizzy is the mouse-themed car which spins during the zig-zag ride. It looks like a junior coaster, but it is a real thrilling coaster. The cost of the ride was strangely € 2.50 which was not too much for the ride. Perhaps, that explains a longer line here as compared to the other rides.


The Prater website describes this ride well, “The Dizzy Mouse‘s wild ride zigzags through narrow curves while trying to escape the hungry cat. Plus, the carts are turning around their own axis! A real challenge for nerves of steel, even though the cat will win in the end…”
Unlike Hoola Loop which fell short of my grand expectations, this one was just as good as I thought it would be. I wanted to experience this ride because of its spinning and because it’s name sounded awesome and thrilling. When I searched for it on the internet, the ride’s name popped again and again. People said that this ride was amazing. I knew that I had to ride this coaster. My mom wanted to take a video of the ride while riding it – even though I warned her not to because the ride spins a lot. When the ride started to spin, my mom put her phone inside our bag quickly. After the ride, I started to tease her by saying, “I told you so!” again and again, until she begged me to stop.
Caution! I recommend that people who have motion sickness should not ride this coaster (This ride can make anyone but me dizzy). 


Beware of this turn-machine! Riders sit in the mouse-themed car and lower the seat bar. The ride takes two left turns and then goes up using a chain lift hill. It goes through a slight drop, another left turn and then a left U-turn followed by a right U-turn. The U-turns repeat again. It goes through another left U-turn, drops, then lifts, followed by two left turns, a drop, a lift and another drop. By the time a left turn, another left U-turn and a right U-turn happen, the car starts spinning so much that your dizziness starts. A left U-turn followed by a right U-turn comes next. The U-turns repeat again twice. Two left turns drop you into a cat’s mouth – a themed tunnel. Two left turns and a brake run end the ride.


  • 11 left turns
  • 1 chain lift hill
  • 5 left U-turns
  • 5 right U-turns
  • 2 lifts
  • 4 normal drops
  • 1 tunnel drop
  • 1 brake run


This ride was installed in 1998, manufactured by Reverchon Industries which specialized in spinning coasters. The company had a manufacturing agreement with Zamperla, but sadly it filed for bankruptcy and closed down operations in 2008.

Claim to fame:

  • It is Wien Prater’s only spinning coaster
  • Prater’s second oldest rollercoaster (oldest being Hochschaubahn)
  • Third oldest operating installations by Reverchon Industries


As an Indian rider : ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
As an Indian child : ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

The information in this blog is from rider’s own experiences and from Official Website of Prater Wien Wikipedia ,Google and RCDB.


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