Enterprise, EsselWorld, Gorai, Mumbai

Let me ask you a few quick questions. Are you above 54 inches in height? Are you you looking for an awesome ride at EsselWorld? Are you bored of Ferris wheels? If the answer is yes for all, I recommend Enterprise. I must admit, it looks scary, but it is really the best ride at EsselWorld, and not scary at all. I rode it 7-8 times within a span of 90 mins (I had a combo ticket and rest of the day I was at Water Kingdom). I liked Enterprise so much that I gave a large part of my latest EsselWorld trip to it! That was the story of Enterprise and me.
If you have seen my other blogs, I have only written about coasters, so you must be thinking, “Why has this blogger written about a ride and not a coaster?” The answer is that I liked this ride so much that my mom suggested I should specially write a blog on it.

About the ride:

The meaning of Enterprise is – a complex project, which is the case in this ride. It is a complex ride! A very complex version of a ferris wheel as shown in the picture. There are 4 similar installations in India, over 60 in the world, of which 42 are operating in about 20 countries! The most common name for this ride is, no surprise… Enterprise!

Experience :

When I was a small child, 4 or maybe 5 years old, I never thought that Enterprise was not a ferris wheel. But I only thought of basics – a wheel that spins with people in it. I used to turn back looking at the ride, as it looked scary. I must be honest I had fifty “second thoughts” before I went into the ride-car for the first time. I saw brave-looking adults running out of the waiting queue just before they were to enter the ride. It was already looking scary and this made it worse.
What about safety? What if one of the cars fell? What if the wheel went off the hinge? I wondered why there was no seatbelt or a safety bar.
enterprise v small
The Enterprise angle
I was just brave enough to walk to the car. I picked a nice red-coloured one and stood there. I then tried to run away. I was convinced to step in and my Mom promised to keep a watch from the yellow car right behind me.
I found the answer to safety myself, when I was in the ride. None of these features were needed for this ride. There was a handle to hold on to, but I did not hold it because I could barely stand! It’s gravity and centrifugal force were too mighty for a kid like me to conquer. As I said earlier, I liked the ride so much that I rode it several times. I never thought that Enterprise was such a great ride. Plus, I became one of the few first-time-riders that day, and certainly the only 10 year old kid!
The next time I went in, I had only two thoughts!
  • Awesome ride, just get into it and don’t come out
  • Motivate people older than me to try it at least once (although this didn’t work as many adults scampered away from the ride before I could convince them to go in)


First, you see riders choose one of the cars called “Gondolas”. It is like a cage with a lever-lock. Then, you see the bravest of all actually sit in (you know what happens to the rest). Next, the ride starts spinning and makes a strange humming noise. Slowly, the ride starts to lift. At a point, it goes vertical. Unless you are deaf, you can hear the screams of riders. Later, it all reverses. Finally, the ride slows down and the people get out immediately. Some people even get extremely dizzy, I was able to stabilize myself before exiting – just in time.


  • suspended Gondola cars
  • lift arm which pivots up to 90°
  • permanent looping ride
  • acceleration of up to 2.5g


HUSS park attractions were the manufacturers of this ride.They were the original manufacturers of this ride…..until Schwarzkopf started making identical ones.

Claim to fame:
EsselWorld ‘s best ride”


As an Indian rider : ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
As an Indian child : ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ + ☆ ☆

According to me
The information in this blog is from rider’s own experiences and from research done using Wikipedia and Google.

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