A bombing in the woods

Suddenly, a hawk landed in front of me. It made an ear – piercing screech. That meant something bad was going to happen. Then, the hawk flew away and … Ka-Boom!

1 hour earlier …

forest2It was a dark night, but the street lamps made it look bright. There were wolves howling, owls hooting and bats screeching. I had to reach home before 10:45.There was a shortcut to my house that I used to take every day. But … alas! That route was under renovation! I had to take the lengthy forest road, which was fortunately nicely lit. Unfortunately, that road went through the creepiest part of the forest and was the center of danger.

I still took that route. I walked and walked and walked until I reached a strange place – an abandoned, badly lit place. So badly lit, one could see the moon glow. I looked up. The moon smiled at me. GURGLE! That had to be my stomach. I ate like a horse before leaving the school. Suddenly, a shadow came over me. Two things were strange about this shadow – was white and it was falling as if it was to crash on me. A chill ran up my spine. I crouched down and…SPLAT!

The shadow fell on me. Ouch! What a painful shadow. I finally gained the courage to open my eyes. I looked around. Everything was white. Everything arhawkound me froze. The shadow was snow! Just when I thought everything was going to be ok, the lights blacked out. I checked my watch. Oh no! it was 10:30pm. I only had 15 mins before reaching home.  I tried to run but my legs didn’t take me anywhere. I was stuck! At the same moment, a hawk landed in front of me Screech! It made an ear – piercing screech. That meant something bad was going to happen. Then, the hawk flew away and … Ka-Boom!

A bomb went off. Another layer of snow fell on me. Ouch! Something told me it was the beginning of a major ice age. I finally freed myself and ran to the bomb sight. When I reached there, I heard the discussion in progress. “…and when this bomb explodes it will slow time. Ha ha ha!” said a deep voice. “And everyone will die to a cold summer and winter”, said a second voice with a Spanish accent. I had to do something. I tip-toed to the place where discussion was happening, but suddenly…oops!

I slipped on thin ice and rammed right into the discussion group. They all looked at me with surprised looks on their faces. With great pain, I stood up tall and said at the top of my squeaky voice, “I am sure that by exploding these bombs, you’ll enjoy seeing people freeze to death…but when it is your turn to freeze, all the joy will end. It is time to stop this madness…even if you started it just now.” I looked around. No one was convinced. One man raised his hand to hit me but out of nowhere, police appeared and grabbed their hands and said, “Freeze, all of you”. I froze too. “Not you kid”, said the chief, “the rest of you are going to jail. Now, hands up or else we will shoot.”

I ran as fast as lightening till I reached home. Of course I was late, but I didn’t care. I wrote down this adventure in my English notebook and presented it at school the next day.

Ishaan Nivsarkar wrote this story as a part of his English homework in grade 6. He is passionate about realistic fiction, rollercoasters and origami. He writes stories because it helps him pass time.  



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